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Taifer, Haiti

Last year I had the privilege of going to Haiti to work with Shabach Ministries International with our key focus being the relaunching of the Haiti School Lunch Program which operates mainly in the mountains near Port Au Prince. There is a small school in the region of Taifer where children have to walk up to 4 hours each way to get to their the school due to the vastness of the area and lack of transport.

These are some awesome children who are sacrificing their entire day to improve their lives by attending school and getting an education in one of the most impoverished nations on Earth. Please, if you do one thing with your day today, make a sacrifice of your own for these kids by donating to Shabach Ministries International. 50 cents a day feeds one child (that's food cost, staff to prep, and the cost of getting supplies up to the school). 100% of donations go directly to the Feeding Program. Let's give them a full belly of food so these kids can go to school and become the change that Haiti needs!

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